Snowmobile Accidents

Snowmobile AccidentAccording to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, more than 5,600 Canadians are injured each year as a result of winter activities. Many of these injuries are a result of snowmobiling. Snowmobile accident claims are often treated like motor vehicle accidents due to the similarities in driver responsibilities. Your insurance company is obliged to pay No-Fault Accident Benefits (even if you are at fault for the accident), which will compensate you for loss of income, necessary medical services and rehabilitation. Time limits determine when you must apply for compensation from the other party. Be sure to inform your insurance company of your accident as soon as possible.

Accident victims as well as their family members can claim compensation for their losses from their own insurance company and from the person responsible for the accident. You are entitled to dispute your insurer’s refusal to pay your benefits. Each claim is different. Not everyone is entitled to claim compensation from the person who caused the collision. You can receive damages for the effect that your injuries have had on your life and your ability to support yourself and your family.

Experiencing a snowmobile accident can be a confusing and difficult time. Let Hacio Law help you with a FREE Consultation, start the process today.